We celebrate each unique traveler because we are passionate about being different

  • About Us

    At Jool, we celebrate each unique traveler because we are passionate about being different. We have dedicated ourselves to the world of travel and to discovering the best-kept secrets of cities from all around the globe. We are committed to passing on these hidden gems to you.

    Jool eliminates the need for all those aimless and fruitless internet searches by providing you with an all-inclusive and exclusive portal to cities around the world. Our accessible digital platform is here to help you create your most memorable trip.

    At Jool, everything is woven together with an unmatched personalized touch. Jool is meticulous when it comes to detecting the nuances of each user and can effortlessly meet your every need.

    During each step of the planning process, Jool delivers individually tailored recommendations and precise activities to match your personal traveling style. In one click, your preferences are saved onto your secure profile as an organized list – providing you with both peace of mind and security.

    Afterwards, Jool formats your trip onto a map which can be downloaded, printed and shared. You can then further customize your map and add any additional plans you may have beyond Jool’s recommendations.

    We understand the frustration that can come with planning a trip. Let Jool be your all-in-one tool for a blissful and worry-free travel experience.

    Photos by Hilla Ofman | Site Writer & Editor: Emily Hollander & Hilla Ofman