Do it like a local: Alon Baranowitz & Irene Kronenberg

Alon Baranowitz and Irene Kronenberg are the owners of the architect firm Baranowitz + Kronenberg. The two are famous for designing a variety of iconic restaurants and hotels all over Tel Aviv. They have also designed several hotels and restaurants abroad in cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza. In fact, their firm was recently named the “Best International Interior Design Studio” by Build Awards.

According to them, the one thing which makes Tel Aviv unlike any other place is the proximity to the sea. Among the intense citylife- the sea liberates, soothes, and allows them to escape the urban setting. Alon and Irene work intensely during the week either at the office or abroad, so coming home to the sea is something they both appreciate.

  • Grab a Coffee at Bucke Cafe

    When the team has a break on Fridays, they sit down for a unique Tel Avivian breakfast accompanied by good coffee; “it has to be from Bucke Cafe.” The place has a neighborhood feel to it with its friendly waiters, local regulars, and laid-back atmosphere.

    Ahad Ha'Am Street 91, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Shop at Tres

    Tres is one of Irene’s favorite places to shop in the city. The garments here are sleek with an added twist; “there is no way I enter this shop and leave empty handed!” Tres offers a range of styles for the urban and chic Tel Avivian woman.

    Ahad Ha'Am Street 58, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Relax at Yoko Kitahara Spa

    Every once in a while, Irene allows herself “a soul invigorating escape,” which she finds at Yoko Kitahara- a Japanese spa located by the sea at the historic Old Jaffa. The spa’s minimalistic environment offers “the most professional and soothing massages in the city.”

    Kikar Kdumim 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Stroll Through the American Colony

    A walk through the American Colony replenishes Alon’s energy. Located in south Tel Aviv, this hidden gem full of history has a unique look. Here you can find old wooden houses surrounded by a beautiful stained-glass church. The textures and materials used for the buildings here are refreshingly different from the rest of the city.

    Auerbach St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Grab Regal Cocktails at Imperial

    The Imperial Bar is the duo’s prefered place for enjoying a delicious handcrafted cocktail. This hotspot is an award-winning bar offering innovative cocktails and a unique Asian colonial-inspired menu. If you’re looking for high-quality drinks and a non-standard atmosphere- this is the place to be.

    HaYarkon St 66, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Indulge in a Mediterranean Meal by the Sea at Cassis

    The pair’s favorite place to end the day is Cassis- a Mediterranean restaurant situated on the waterfront of Jaffa offering an enchanting view. “The sunset, a glass of Arak with lemonade and the mezzes” all make for an ideal environment.

    Kidron Street 44, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel