Do it like a local: Roni Saslove

Roni Saslove is an Israeli wine expert who not only writes about and judges wine, but also offers unique local wine tastings. She began her career by growing grapes at her family’s vineyard. Nowadays, she offers wine tastings in Tel Aviv which go beyond just tasting and smelling the wine. Here, you can enhance your senses and finally recognize the aroma of cherries and chocolate which everyone always talks about. At Roni’s wine tastings, you can enjoy wine like never before- all while you delve into the stories of those who create it as well as the places it’s made.

Although the landscape of Tel Aviv doesn’t offer the typical vineyard view, the city’s one-of-a-kind vibe makes up for it. Roni loves walking down the streets of Tel Aviv and taking in the variety of styles, people, and stories it has to offer. Within Tel Aviv there are many neighborhoods- and each has its own distinct style. This makes Roni feel both inspired and right at home.

  • Take a Healthy Shot (or Three) at Uzi Eli - The Etrog Man

    Roni insists three healthy shots from Uzi Eli The Etrog Man, located at the vibrant Carmel Market, “will wake you up more than a strong espresso.” The stand offers juices as well as cosmetics which are supposed to reduce stress, depression and muscle aches. She suggests you order “one shot of wheatgrass, one shot of pressed fresh turmeric, and one shot of spiced milk-free hot chocolate.”

    Shuk HaCarmel, HaCarmel Street 11, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Shop for Jewelry at Ruby Star

    Ruby Star is a contemporary jewelry brand which fuses modern styles with traditional techniques. Roni, who is completely loyal to the brand, feels its designer and owner Shirley Itzik is “the most talented Israeli designer.” The shop has two branches- one at Jaffa’s Flea Market and another at Lilienblum street.

    Ami'ad St 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Eat Friday Brunch at Yom Tov Cafe

    Every Israeli has his or her own Friday routine- and for Roni it’s “brunch at Yom Tov Cafe at the Carmel Market.” This charming cafe offers unique indoor and outdoor seating as well as brunch classics which make for an ideal afternoon. However, this hotspot isn’t just a tasty cafe. By night it also transforms into a trendy bar full of locals and travelers alike.

    Yom Tov Street 30, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Grab a Drink at Anna Loulou

    At Anna Loulou, “Tel Aviv and Jaffa meet, Arabs and Jews drink and dance together, and peace seems near.” This bar is just minutes away from the Jaffa port and a great place for people “who simply want to enjoy life.” The place is considered not only a bar but also a cultural center with an inclusive vibe. Depending on the night, you can enjoy here DJ sets, live music or even live art.

    HaPninim 2, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Dine at Opa by Chef Shirel Berger

    Tel Aviv is known for its amazing vegan food scene, and Roni believes Opa is one of the best examples of this. This restaurant uses high-quality seasonal fruits and vegetables in its meals, offering tasty and healthy vegan dishes. Roni explains, “[Chef Berger] is full of charisma, style and talent. She makes the most creative and delicious dishes.”

    Ha-Khalutzim Street 8, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Photo by: Doron Saar

    Relax at Midron Yaffo Park

    When Roni needs to wind down after a long day, she heads to the hidden gem Midron Yaffo (also known as Jaffa Slope). This park offers grassy hills which look out onto the beautiful sea. For Roni, it’s the perfect place to “get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.” Here you can watch the sunset, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the sea view.

    Midron Yaffo Park, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel