Do it like a local: Tomas Zohar

Tomas’ love of art is how he connects with his food, using food as the meeting point between the physical world and what’s beyond. He was first drawn to Asian cuisine because of the intensity of flavors which produce tangible emotional reactions, making every bite of his food a full-body experience. To Tomas, Tel Aviv is the perfect place to call home because of the great diversity in food, art, and culture. However, what makes Tel Aviv different than other major cities is how physically small it is, while still providing all the amenities and inspiration that Tomas needs in his daily life.

  • Start the Day at Cafelix

    Tomas enjoys strolling over to Cafelix to get the day started off right. The coffee at Cafelix is made from high quality beans and blended to perfection, served alongside pastries that suit many different dietary restrictions. “Cafelix is my favorite spot for great coffee and some great vegan pastries.”

    Merkhavya Street 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Shop at Levinsky Market

    As a chef, it’s always vital for Tomas to have access to the best ingredients. For that, he relies on the abundance of options at the Levinsky Market. Tomas goes to the market for “nice spices, fresh, produce, and amazing coffee,” which are all available within a stone’s throw from each other – another benefit of the small town feel that Tel Aviv emits.

    Levinsky, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Discover the Hidden Gem: Givat Aliya Beach

    At times when Tomas needs to recharge and relax, his favorite spot to go is Givat Aliya Beach in Jaffa. “There is a great lawn to chill and picnic,” which is a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful crashing waves of the Mediterranean Sea. For a creative like Tomas, it’s essential that he allows himself space to refocus his energy in order to formulate the art he serves on a plate.

    Givat Aliya Beach
  • Savor Some Street Food

    Even though Tomas enjoys cooking and eating high-end cuisine, he can’t deny his love of street food: “Israelis like anything that comes inside a pita. It’s the fastest, cheapest, and yummiest way to go.” For Tomas, nothing beats a pita from Jasmino with all the classic toppings.

    Allenby Street 97, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Enjoy Comforting yet Inspiring Food at Ouzeria Restaurant

    As a chef, Tomas is constantly craving different flavors and textures in his food. But, “one place I am always happy to go to is Ouzeria Restaurant.” Ouzeria combines traditional Mediterranean cuisine with small twists to keep your taste buds on the tip of your tongue. The restaurant maintains the highest standard of ingredients and flavors that ultimately culminate in respectful and simply delicious dishes.

    Matalon Street 44, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
  • Drinks at Sputnik Bar

    Being a chef is a physically and mentally demanding job, so Tomas likes to end his day at Sputnik Bar. There you can get beers, cocktails, and, of course, classic Israeli small plates to snack on. Move from the eclectic sitting area upstairs into the music room downstairs where you’ll find people of all ages dancing to the tracks of local DJs.

    Allenby Street 122, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel