Jan 19

5 Unforgettable Tours in Tel Aviv

There’s always much to see and do in Tel Aviv, and you’re not the type of person to want to miss out on any of it. To get the most out of this vibrant city, why not take a tour led by locals? This way you can really engage with Tel Aviv and the rich culture it provides. With a local perspective by your side, you’ll get to see the city in a new light.

  • David Kichka: A Creative Gastronomic Experience

    Unlike a regular historical tour, David Kichka’s tour goes above and beyond by intertwining the architecture, art, and history of Tel Aviv with a culinary twist. While strolling through Levinsky Market and its surroundings, patrons are able to dive deep into all of these subjects while enjoying ten different tastings! Food has always been central to Tel Aviv, so get ready to become an expert on the culinary culture of the Israeli melting pot- from past to present day.

    Levinsky Street 43, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • TLVnights: An All Access Pass to Tel Aviv Nightlife

    Tel Aviv is a beautiful destination by day, but at night it truly comes alive. To get an insider’s experience of the coolest bars and clubs in the city, join host Ido Weil for his unforgettable nightlife tour. TLVnights is offered on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays- but a private tour can also be booked any night of the week. If you want a fun night out full of VIP access, dancing, and meeting new people (both locals and visitors alike), TLVnights is for you.

    Ha-Yarkon Street 48, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • TLVstyle: Get Personal with Tel Aviv Fashion

    Tel Aviv is known for its ever-growing local fashion scene, and with the TLVstyle tour, you can get an exclusive look into the city’s unique fashion industry. From meeting and engaging with designers to visiting the most innovative studios and boutiques, at TLVstyle you will discover the creative energy of chic Tel Aviv. Connect with your fashionable side as you hear stories from behind the scenes and see the faces behind the brands which make up that signature Tel Aviv style.

    Rothschild Boulevard 1, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Alternative Tel Aviv Gallery Tour

    Tel Aviv has always been a place for artists to thrive, and the local gallery scene reflects this artistic appreciation. With the gallery tour Alternative Tel Aviv, art lovers can rejoice in three different colorful and vibrant galleries throughout the city. From traditional spaces to alternative ones, the tour presents the interesting DNA of the Israeli art scene. Participants can learn about classic and contemporary art as well as gain general knowledge on Tel Aviv as an artistic haven.

    Yagur Street 8, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Alternative Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour

    Many artists in the city choose to go beyond just the canvas and use the streets to tell their stories. In the Florentin neighborhood, this is especially true- with some artists even coming from abroad to put their stamp on the city’s walls. Graffiti art is a unique artistic statement, and with the Alternative Tel Aviv Graffiti Tour, visitors can learn to decipher and interpret the art as well as learn about the talented people behind the masterpieces.

    Yagur Street 8, Tel Aviv, Israel